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Classy Branding & savvy Social

Flanagan Silcott specializes in start to finish brand creative, social media, content creation and special campaigns.

I think of a brand as consistent promise...What’s your promise? Your promise is your brand.
— David Hieatt | Do Purpose; Why Brands With a Purpose Do Better and Matter More

Your brand is more than a logo

Your brand is the promise you make to your customers every day. Our job is to communicate your promise.

We build and execute successful strategies with and for national chains, start-ups and local businesses in tech, beauty, co-working, music, finance, co-working and retail. 

We create consistent brand and social media experiences … and add a twist of the unexpected.

Our promise

We will help bring the essence of your brand to market in a classy and savvy way.

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Features Overview

Moodboard for Salon Roya

Moodboard for Salon Roya


Your company personified and positioned for success. Let us plan your colors, your fonts, your look and feel and keywords.

Instagram post for Floyd’s 99 Barbershops

Instagram post for Floyd’s 99 Barbershops

Social media content

Strategic creative and individual social media content to help you stand out among your peers and build a loyal following.

Website for HiLo Decor

Website for HiLo Decor

Web design

Clean and simple websites built to be the centerpiece of your brand.